Renewed debate over fluoride in drinking water

For the first time in more than 50 years, the federal government has lowered its recommendation on fluoride levels in drinking water.

That sparked a debate across the country. Supporters of fluoridated water say it helps build healthy teeth. Opponents claim it’s harmful to our bodies.

Amanda Mulanax brings her 12-year-old twins, Luke and Logan, to the dentist every six months. She wants them to grow up with healthy teeth.

“We bring them because your teeth can affect the whole health of your body,” Mulanax says.

70 years ago, American cities began adding fluoride to drinking water. Supporters claimed back then, as they do today, that this natural mineral plays an important role in preventing tooth decay. And It has some heavy hitters behind it, endorsed by the World Health Organization, the American Medical Association and American Dental Association. Pediatric dentist Dr. Ryan Roberts depends on fluoride in his arsenal against tooth decay.

“The state of Oklahoma, in general, is one of the poorest states as far as dental health,” according to Roberts. “The protective factors that we use fluoride for in terms of strengthening enamel , in terms of resisting decay, we need those protective factors.”


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