You Said It: About Phillip Washington, Alex fluoride, illegal firings


Each Monday, The Herald Bulletin publishes “You Said It,” a compilation of reader comments from coupled with responses by the newspaper’s editorial board.

Supporters of former Anderson High School basketball coach Phillip Washington, who lost his job after being charged with operating a vehicle while intoxicated, gather at a meeting to urge that he be rehired. (Published April 5)

• “We need positive role models for our student athletic teams. I’m sure we all feel a need to have AHS contending for a state championship annually, but the teams need to led by positive role models. I hope the school administration is not swayed by this plea.”

 • “Anderson is fine with giving fifth and sixth chances to people who make horrible mistakes! We voted Trump into office. Why can’t we extend the same grace to Phil?”

• “I’m all for second chances. But if you continuously make the same mistakes, clearly you are not learning from them. He has lost his opportunity to be a leader and mentor to these kids.”

THB: After pleading guilty in January, we editorialized that Washington has enormous potential as a teacher, coach and leader. We’re not ready to say he should be rehired, but we urge school officials certainly give him due consideration.

Alexandria’s City Council rejects a resolution that would have required fluoride be turned on in the city’s water supply. (Published April 4)

• “The rest of the world doesn’t have to worry about America anymore. The anti-science idiots are gonna take care of us.”

• “Learn to brush your teeth and stop poisoning people.”

• “A tea party mayor of my podunk town arbitrarily took the fluoride out of our tap water a few years back and cavities spiked so badly that it sparked an investigation, which is how they found out about it.”

THB: We tend to think the American Dental Association, the oral health director at the Indiana State Department of Health and any number of dentists — including Alexandria council member David Steele — would have a fairly informed opinion on this. And that opinion is fluoride can help prevent tooth decay, especially in young people. We’d urge Alexandria to reconsider this decision.

A federal judge rules the administration of former Anderson Mayor Kevin Smith fired employees for political reasons and orders the city to pay eight of them a total of $852,400. (Published April 4)

• “Anderson at a glance: failed audits; lawsuits for political firing; lawsuits for wrongful termination; the north side is dying while the focus is the south side. And the same political classes have kept power for decades.”

• “Ridiculous! No wonder all of our city streets are in such pathetic shape.”

• “Well, Kev, there goes your plan to retake the mayor’s office.”

THB: Just when you think everything’s politics as usual a judge makes a ruling that changes your thinking.

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