Federal government lowers recommended fluoride levels in U.S. public water after fluorosis harm becomes undeniable

SOURCE – NATURAL NEWS For years, anyone who questioned the efficacy of fluoridated water was cast to the lunatic fringe. Fortunately, concerns over fluoridated water, and its impact on childhood health, are beginning to be heard on a national level. Continue reading

Government Advises Less Fluoride in Water

The federal government lowered its recommended limit on the amount of fluoride in drinking water for the first time in nearly 50 years, saying that spots on some children’s teeth show they are getting too much of the mineral. Fluoride Continue reading

Other effects of exposure to fluoride

Skeletal Fluorosis “Fluoride entering the body rapidly moves to the bones and other tissues where most of it is retained while a fraction is excreted daily.” -National Pure Water Association Abnormalities in unborn babies “Expectant mothers should avoid using all Continue reading